Chapter 1

Oct. 24th, 2011 07:08 pm
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Love Bites


 Jim/Bones and Bones/Jocelyn (past relationship)


Word Count:

 Vampirism, Blood play in the context of vampires, oral sex, sex, masturbation, questionable behavior of the sexy vampire kind. 

 Jim is attracted to the grumpy Leonard McCoy the pair quickly befriend each other, there is something odd about the Southern Doctor that Jim can’t exactly put his finger on, but doesn’t really care, because Bones always seems to be there when he needs him, and knows just how to provoke Jim into taking care of himself. Jim is taken by surprise when Leonard takes on a starring role in some very kinky dreams; at least Jim is pretty sure they are dreams. Not that he minds, but can Jim pull his head out of his studies long enough to work up the nerve to tell Bones about the fantasies and figure out what the Doctor is hiding from him?  

Authors Notes:
 I really need to thank [personal profile] selinamoonfire and [profile] x_posed_again  not only for cheerleading me and doing an awesome beta on this work, but for also being really good friends and listening to my crazy ideas and putting up with for as long as they have. I love your ladies. <3 

Also lots of love to  [profile] deliciousny and [ profile] alanndra who where wonderful to work with for art and music and really captured what I was going for in this fic to a tee. and lastly big hugs and thank you to caffein,poptarts and my dvd players loop function. Enjoy the Show! 

Link to Fic:
 By [personal profile] dramapunk Found here on my DW enjoy!

Link to Art:
 By the awesome and wonderful [profile] deliciousny   Really awesome art is awesome! There's always a soft spot for necking with me! 

Link to Mix:
 By [personal profile] alanndra   The super awesome fanmix is this way, check out the wonderful cover art she made for it as well. 

Chapter 2 
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 Title: The Problem With Rent is You Have to Pay it. 

Word Count: 1,500'ish? 

Rating PG or PG13? Swearing? 

Warnings: Talk of prostitution 

Pairing: Jim/Bones 
Fandom: AOS, It's an AU duh...

AN: This is for 

[personal profile] gadget   who requested a fic that used Whore-five. 


Def: <i><b>Whore-Five</b>: A hi-five between whores, takes place a lot in the Jim and Bones chats...</i> Big thanks to 

[personal profile] noo   for the beta and helping me figure out how the fuck to work Whore-five into a fic. <3 



Where Leonard has to make ends meet, but ends up meeting Jim  )
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Untitled Jim/Eomer Friendship fic for [personal profile] caitri
Thanks to [profile] nikki4noo for the beta, anything she missed is totally my fault.
Fandom: ReBoot Trek and LOTR
Yes it's humor and yeah it's a bit cracked but it's my first trek fic. Heh.
Pairing: Jim/Eomer Friendship cuse I couldn't get them together and Jim/Bones Relationship

Oh and [profile] gadgetorious your Whore Five fic is being worked on.

Where Jim is a bit cracky and Eomer calls Scotty a wizard and Bones may or may not show up in leather pants... )


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