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So it's been a long while since I updated my personal blog and while I am in a better place then I was a few years ago and maybe that's why I'm not writing as much, that's kind of a shitty reason not to write. I need to get back into my personal writing, and while I've been keeping a pretty regular leather journal. 

I am half way through my MFA program, which is crazy, I am trying to get funds together for my thesis film right now so I can shoot it over the summer, the budget is around 8-10 thousand which is insane, but to make it how I want too, and in away that will get it into festivals that's the budget I am working with. 

However, while I never want to go back to my parents, I love them to death but living with them is hard, and living where they moved too so my mom could retire, Vegas would be bad for me. But my dad got laid off, and my mom is having nerve issues still from the chemo therapy. which is scary. It also means they have no income right now. Other then my little brother and nephew working as bag boys at the grocery store. 

Maybe if I find an assistant professorship somewhere after grad I can get them to move in where I am. That would be different then me going back but idk, we'll see what happens in 3 semesters.  

On to the more global problem of Donald Trump now being president... I'm scared, as a disabled woman from a mixed race family, I am frighted. I've already had friends assaulted by Trump Supporters here in Ma, and back home in the Bay Area. I've had someone look at me on the T and say as I was getting off "That's not a woman, that's a man in fishnets." 

The up tick in race, gender, and religious attacks has been noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center... I just when did this become the country we are living in... The answer is it's always been like this.

It's always been like this, people have always had these thoughts, but with Hitler Junior in office, people are starting to feel okay saying and doing shit. You have a problem when the KKK is openly recruiting in the hate. 

While I'm scared, and while things are shitty, now is just a time for me to get more vocal and louder about the things we see, and the legislation that is coming down the pike. 

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