Mar. 29th, 2015

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 Soooo my Novella Comic Books and Kisses   can be bought for 2.99 in the amazon kindle store!  It's M/M erotic romance, kind of fluffy and fun. Check it out for the low low price of 2.99 :) 

Also I have medicaid now, while it doesn't cover my broken tooth it dose cover everything else. 

Now for the big news! I AM ON THE WAIT LIST FOR EMERSON IN BOSTON! This is wonderful news, even though I was rejected from  the other two schools I applied to, it very much looks like I will be going to Emerson this fall. :) Going to keep the positive vibes going. 

The only thing is I need the money to move from Boston and get settled out there during the first semester and while looking for a job. So I set up an Indigogo. If I don't get off the wait list, then all the money goes back to you guys.  If I don't reach my goal by July, all the money goes back those who donated. 

If I exceed my goal the funds will go to what I pitched as my thesis film : 

The project I want to work on while in attendance at Emerson is Fake Geek Girls: Women In Comics Books.


It will delve into the treatment and representation of women in comic book fandom, and the treatment of female heroes in print and film versions of comic book media, and why there seems to be a disconnect from publishers and film makers with a group that makes up about half of all film ticket sales as well as print sales.


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