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   So I shouldn't be surprised that my mom once again didn't come down to say goodbye to me when I left for the airport this morning,  thing is last time I could kind of understand, she knew I was coming back for Christmas,  this time I don't know when I am coming back.  My dad asked me to come back for Easter but I just can't. I can't do it anymore. 

  They tell me they want me out here, they tell me they want to spend time with me, so I fly out here, instead of spending christmas with people who actually care about me. Then they don't spend anytime or talk to me. They pretty much ignore me. When I do talk to them about life plans or what have you they make me feel like I am a fuck up. My dad compared me to one of his old employees. "Well *NAME* isn't taking a year off he is going straight to grad school. I don't understand why  you are taking a year off."  

I tried to explain to him, but he just made me feel worse.... here where the bullet points I gave him 

A) *NAME* is  a lit major, they have later deadlines to apply 

B) I am a cinema major and need a portfolio of work to show the schools I am applying too. 

C) All my deadlines are Nov/Dec/Jan and when the deadline times where I didn't have my movie ready, and the one in Jan I need to take the GRE and I am not ready by any means for the GRE. So I am going to look for a job or internship build my REEL, so when I apply I will have a better chance of getting in. 

He didn't think any of that was a good enough reason to take a year off.  I can't win with them, at this point I am walking that stage in May for myself and only myself. I don't even think they will come out for my graduation. 

On top of that my Mom is trying to get me to move out there after graduation. Or come out after graduation, trying to lure me with a graduation party. Why would I go out there for a Grad party with people who don't seem to care?  I would rather party down in South City with my girls and a couple bottles of Boonies. 


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