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Untitled Jim/Eomer Friendship fic for [personal profile] caitri
Thanks to [profile] nikki4noo for the beta, anything she missed is totally my fault.
Fandom: ReBoot Trek and LOTR
Yes it's humor and yeah it's a bit cracked but it's my first trek fic. Heh.
Pairing: Jim/Eomer Friendship cuse I couldn't get them together and Jim/Bones Relationship

Oh and [profile] gadgetorious your Whore Five fic is being worked on.

Where Jim is a bit cracky and Eomer calls Scotty a wizard and Bones may or may not show up in leather pants... )
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Also reading these I realize how much I have grown as a writer. I do like these there is something cute about them. But I am a bigger fan of my new stuff. Once my beta gets the web back and my Mac-Book gets delivered. There shall be a flood of stuff.

I wrote these because my friend Maralee and I give each other prompts and a word count when we are bored and see what comes out of it. One night one of the prompts she Gave me turned into this little unfinished series of stories. I really want to finish I just have no idea where to go next. Also Marcus/Oliver is and always will be my main OTP, they don't get enough love.

I changed things here tho because in all the fics I read with them it's always Marcus that is the aggressor, never Oliver. That never made much sense in my head because although (all though?) Oliver is neurotic and obsessive as fuck in the books (which is why is my favorite char)He seems far more comfortable in his skin and with who is then Flint who just seems so angry and closed off. Which is why I think I tend to write Oliver as the more open (sexually and emotionally)of the two.

Side note sorry for any mistakes in the first one it's un-beta'd and I am dyslexic. Hella Dyslexic.

100 words
Part I
Books are for reading )

Part II/?
Word count: 360
PG? PG-13ish ( Smut is coming I swear)
Big ups to my Beta/Goddess/dork/ my fandom partner in crime: [info]chimerablack (she also gave me the prompt that started this)

Oliver is pissed and soaked and not in the mood. )

Part III
Word Count: 655

It was just supposed to be a good ol' fashion beat down. )

Part IV
Word Count: 1,543
This Chapter is like a pirate it's rated RRRRRRRRRRR :D for boy touching hehehe
Hard R I guess.

Thanks to my muse, homegirl, friend and beta [info]chimaerablack

“Don’t smile at me, don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t call me a bender, don’t fucking kiss me! )
Part V
Word Count: 685
Hard R maybe a little Harder then that...;) Wanking.

maybe I am a bender. )

If you have any ideas for this feel free to share. Also I will be moving fics over here over the course of the week. Including some Remus/Sirius stuff. But mostly Marcus/Oliver.


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